Mind Shift Master

Are you searching for a powerful and authentic keynote speaker on the global circuit?
Maybe even a hysterically funny and amazing corporate comedy illusionist?
Or an incredibly versatile MC/Link man for your next conference?

Could one man be all of this?
Ask yourself a few questions…
1.) why have the world's top 500 blue chip companies booked Wolfgang over and over again?
2.) how did one man get to appear in over 144 countries in one lifetime?
3.) why have the National Speakers Association of the USA awarded Wolfgang the highest speaker award ever, the CSP?
4.) why was he National President of the Professional Speakers Association of SA for 2 years from 2010 - 2012?
5.) why does he have over 2 million views on You Tube and thousands more on Facebook?
6.) how is it that he has had numerous of his own prime-time TV series?
7.) why is he a member of the German Speaker's Association 2012 & 2013 One Million Dollar Table?
8.) how did he become one of the world's top and Africa's most successful corporate comedy illusionist ever?
9.) what's with the '3-in-1' man story?
10.) how can he be a best selling and multi author on top of all of this?
…and so the questions continue.
Could it possibly have to do with the fact that Wolfgang…
actually walks his talk?
has fun on stage, respects his audience and actually shifts perceptions?
is hugely passionate and authentic, resulting in his massive success a a speaker, MC and entertainer?
has 27 years international experience, and knows how to grab a crowd within seconds?
only talks from 'real-life' experience at ground level, hence connecting with all who experience him?
focuses on enter-training his audience and builds life-long relationships with clients?
is globally respected by his peers and invited to speak at conventions globally?
happens to be fluent in English, German, Flemish/Afrikaans?
lives his philosophy of sharing and giving in order to make the world a better place for all?
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PROMO '3-in-1' VIDEO

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Awarded to Wolfgang in 2012 by the National Speakers Association of the USA, he is one of only 707 professional speakers globally to hold this title.
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All introductory videos are FREE. Learn at your own pace, and from home! Visit, or
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Multiple & best selling author plus numerous free e-books. Wolfgang's books make great corporate gifts. Visit
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Speaker Training for executives and professionals. Learn everything you need to become a professional speaker.
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Full service TV & Video production company, from Corporate Identity, Training, Music Videos to Live Events:
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Learn fun conjuring tricks for all age groups that are easy to do. From beginners to professionals. Visit
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