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Wolfgang Riebe

Mind Shift Master
Iconic Track Record with 28 Years Experience in over 150 Countries with over 6 million You Tube hits!



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It's almost impossible to describe Wolfgang in a word... authentic, humble, passionate, powerful, energetic, an academic, intensely ethical, very funny, grounded, deeply insightful, a 'mensch'... are all true, yet none paint the full picture of the magic this man creates when he walks onto the platform.

A true ‘doctor’ of hope, Wolfgang has achieved
huge international acclaim, while still remaining humble, passionate and an inspiration to millions of people.

In brief…
he achieved international acclaim as a comedy magician, travelling the globe on the world's top cruise liners, appearing in leading theatres and starring in numerous of his own prime time TV series. At the same time he completed his studies, wrote books and took part in expeditions in the Arctic & Antarctic. Wolfgang lived in the moment and experienced life 100%. At the age of 35, after achieving all his dreams, he decided it was time to give back and share his true life experiences with the world. Today, at 50 he has become an iconic figure in the speaking and entertainment industry, having entertained and inspired over 1 million people live.

Imagine, if you can… the most authentic inspirational keynote speaker you have ever heard, couple this with the most unbelievable illusionist you have ever seen, and just for fun… add in the funniest humorist you have ever experienced. Blend this into a professional corporate environment - and you have the original Enter-Trainer/Mind Shift Master, Wolfgang Riebe!

Couple this with a variety of dramatic life experiences, successful business ventures and academic achievements, and you have the originator of the '3-in-1' concept. Yes, you may only be searching for a Keynote Speaker right now, and considering an Entertainer for next year - that's fine and Wolfgang will gladly assist. But why waste the opportunity to experience 3 great men in 1 and put on your best event ever?

His speciality… mind shift! Changing the way you think, from general staff to senior management. Isn't it time you shifted your perceptions?

Is this not enough info? Do you really have the time and want to read Wolfgang's entire life story?
You can download the full PDF document by clicking


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People say, "You are only as good as your last performance!"

Others, give reviews that are outdated... some even fabricate endorsements!

This page is updated EVERY month with the latest client reviews and contact names.

The most recent are on top. If you have an hour or more to spare, you are welcome to click through the ‘past years' on the link below and read what hundreds of satisfied clients have had to say during the last 14 years.

Also, notice how certain client names appear over and over again over many years… makes you think, huh?
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Ackermans: Director’s & Management Team: Robert: “It was a real treat to meet you and thank you very much for controlling the time allocated so well and entertaining the staff so completely. One of the comments I heard is that this was the best conference ever, and that from my Cape Town group which is usually the more reserved group. We will definitely stay in touch with you as you are a true entertainer that really connected with the group.” Bertie Jou vermaak en optrede was great en het die spanne lekker gemotiveer vir ons besige tyd wat voorle. October 2015

Border Kei Chamber of Comerce: Les Holbrook:
We have received a number of e-mails of appreciation from those that enjoyed the evening – so definitely, A GOOD SHOW. Thank you for your entertaining us. October 2015

Hermanus Whale Festival: Lawrence Heron:
I've worked with a lot of performers over the years and I know many who would not have been so professional about the situation you were in on Saturday. Sir, you are a true entertainer and you have earned my respect. October 2015

Pioneer Foods: Thandi Vellem:
I respect your craft so much and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for the incredible talk you gave to the team. September 2015

Kynoch: Anthea Ogle: The feedback yesterday from a few guys was awesome . And I guess we will be seeing you again for the next event.” September 2015

Udemy: Million Dollar Speaker Secrets: A. Dickson:
Every Wanna Be Speaker Should Take This Course. Wolfgang is full of tips & tricks, has a "cheeky" sense of humor as he puts it, but not afraid to tell it like it is! He's very animated and makes this course engaging, entertaining and fun to watch. You're sure to come away with multiple useful tips you can implement right away, and Wolfgang includes a lot of great resources. One of the best courses I have taken on Udemy so far.August 2015

Sanlam SPF: Sonja De Wet:
I want to sincerely thank you, on behalf of the SPSF Committee, for your professional presentation at the SPSF conferences at The Vineyards Hotel.  You contributed to the success of our conferences.” August 2015

On Tap: Katrien Oosthuizen:
It was a huge success and you definitely contributed towards this.August 2015

Neurosurgery Congress: Hendrika Van Der Merwe:
Was weer eens lekker, glo my en veral die post-show rooiwyn en kaarte!August 2015

Udemy reviews: M. Gibson:
Wolfgang is a great speaker and the course is an easy 40 minutes to learn 4 simple & meaningful facts of life that you can have with you anytime you need!J. Taljaard:Lekker Lekker learning! Not just saying that as a South African. From the get go - WOW popped up. Was not a one time pop-up either. Was a WOW till the end. The quotes are a nice "come back" for future reference too.” August 2015

SAPPI: Ockie Strumpher:
The team members that I've been in contact with really enjoyed your facilitation and there will no doubt be more spin off following.” July 2015

TEDx Bellville 2015:
Inspirational as always! July 2015

Personal review by someone whose life Wolfgang has helped change:
I want to take a moment to thank you for your work. Last year the company I had been with for over 30 years closed. Most opportunities would have required me to move away from my family and I really did not want to do that. Long story short I now have a better job closer to home. Your inspiration, the book "Think and Grow Rich" by Napoleon Hill and my family's love and support helped me stay positive through this difficult time in my life. Thanks for all you do!!! July 2015

Udemy Review on Change Your Thinking E-Course: Romna:
It was wonderfully presented. Very easily put forward. I am sure it will help me to adopt a positive approach to life. June 2015

SAPPI: Amanda Horne:
I could see that everybody enjoyed it and they only had compliments for your show afterwards!” June 2015

Geberit: Simply Swiss: Dorianne Isaacman:
First of all I want to say THANK YOU!!!! The event was a huge success and all the planning went extremely well.  We have had so much positive feedback! Lots of raves for you and how you kept the audience captivated.” May 2015

Udemy Review on Change Your Thinking E-Course: Dr Bradley: All 4 lectures inspiring. Thank you. The lectures have aligned and supported what I have read in books by Deepak Chopra.” May 2015

Monsanto National Conference: Milanie Vosloo: Well prepared, great performance and good contact with the audience. April 2015

PSASA 2015 National Convention Gala Dinner:
You took a good event to a great event!” April 2015

Durbanville Golf Club: John Bold:
With the Curro SA Juniors International Global Junior Golf Tour now behind us, we once again reflect on the generous contribution of our Sponsors without whom this Event would never have been the great success that it was! Please know the great value we bestow on having you as Members and contributors on whom we can depend to support us in our various efforts to make Durbanville Golf Club the ultimate game player. Sincere thanks for your participation – this event was widely complimented – all thanks to you!" March 2015

Udemy Review on Change Your Thinking E-Course: Phraustie:
“I love how entertaining the instructor is in the video! Wolfgang seems like a real straight shooter and is probably a blast to be around. I definitely feel that taking this course has made a positive impact on my life. Well worth the time invested in taking this course!” March 2015

NOCCI: Sharon Steyn:
“Thank you so very much for making our AGM the best ever.  I have had nothing but excellent feedback. It was said that this was one of the best events we have had in a long time!” February 2015

Marketing Hub: Melinda De Gee:
Thanks for doing such an awesome job on the roadshow and being such a stunning person. You always add spice to everything!February 2015

Udemy Review on Change Your Thinking E-Course: Steve:
Everything is good about this course, nothing is bad. There is real wisdom in his words and his style is thoroughly engaging." February 2015

Build It South Rand Region: Hawie Du Preez:
“Wat n vooreg was dit nie om jou te ontmoet nie, ons het baie goeie terugvoer oor jou gekry en ek het jou vreeslik geniet. Baie dankie vir n awesome toespraak, jou verhaal en oordrag vas "gripping"!!!" February 2015

Udemy Review on Millionaire Speaker Tips E-Course: Mark Egan:
Wolfgang has the ability to distil years of experience into some real nuggets. He covers a lot of ground, but it is presented in an entertaining way, so it is easy to consume. I liked the well-structured information as well as the personal anecdotes he used to illustrate his points. If you had a good friend who was a successful speaker, this is probably the advice they would give you. I would highly recommend this course." February 2015

Build It Western Cape: Krystal Dosson:
Thank you so much for the great show. Everyone enjoyed it. Absolutely brilliant." February 2015

Marketing Hub: Tara Yates:
We received excellent feedback again as usual - thanks for the effort you put in, it made our event!" January 2015

Old Mutual: Myrtl Brand:
Weereens baie dankie vir vanoggend.  Jy het die mense beindruk January 2015



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There's not really much more to say really!

Right from the word, ‘Go’ it is important that you clearly understand that Wolfgang places YOU as the client in No. 1 position.

He does not make demands, he fits in with the circumstances and adapts and changes to suit YOUR needs.

And finally, whatever he does - YOU as the client are always made to shine.

When you work with him for the first time, he will most definitely share his business motto with you. “This is not a one off - we are now married! A business marriage for life!”

80% of Wolfgang’s work is the result of referrals and re-bookings - That says it all!



Data Projector (to connect is laptop).

Lapel or Head Set Microphone if more than 60 delegates.


Lapel or Head Set Microphone if more than 60 delegates.

A Flip-Chart on stage please.


No darkness please! Floods rather than spots. Preferably, please do not supply lighting that blinds. Wolfgang believes in making eye contact with his audience which is impossible if 20 parcans are blinding him.

Especially for a large venue, always supply a raised platform/stage area so that Wolfgang can be seen by those at the back. Minimum size approx. 2m x 2m.

Audience Seating Arrangements
Please try to keep the audience ‘in front’ of Wolfgang. There is nothing worse for a presenter to have to continually turn to an audience on the sides, thus having his back to someone else. For long narrow function rooms, plan the stage/podium in the middle and against the wall.

Table Centre Pieces
Themed events are fantastic and can make an event, but when planning table centre pieces - please make sure they do not obstruct line of sight at the table, or to the front of room. It is imperative that delegates have a clean line of sight to Wolfgang on stage.


On confirming a booking you will be asked to sign a contract/invoice and pay 50% deposit plus travel costs (where applicable). You have 7 days in which to do this. Please note, if after 7 days you have not signed and paid the deposit, and another client wants your date, you lose the date. The remainder of the fee is payable on the day, before commencement of the function.

Travel, Accommodation and transfers are for the clients account, however, Wolfgang’s fee is inclusive off this and his office makes all the arrangements.

Wolfgang WILL arrive at your function. If he doesn’t ... he’s dead or seriously injured!

Flights can be delayed and there can be circumstances beyond his control. In such an event he will seek all possible alternatives to get to your function - even if this involves chartering a plane at his own cost.

If for any reason, beyond his doing, there is a delay, he WILL still arrive if his presentation can be rescheduled. Or he will find a suitable stand in, if the client is in agreement. Failing this, full fees will be refunded.

Please understand that Wolfgang prides himself on 100 reliability and professionalism, and in 24 years of global appearances as NEVER dropped a client!

Wolfgang wants a business relationship for life!


Due to :
* ever changing schedules.
* effective time management practices.
* wanting to save you the hassle.
* good relationships with the travel industry.

Wolfgang's office does all his flight & car bookings.

The office of the Wolfgang Riebe will handle ALL logistics and flight bookings as part of the negotiated fee, unless requested otherwise by the client.

Flying is part of Wolfgang’s work. His second home is a plane. Hence it is definitely not a novelty for him to fly. Plus he’s 6ft 2’ and a big man, so Business Class is the norm.

Should you wish to book the flights, frequent flyer miles are for Wolfgang’s account, not for the client’s corporate travel account. Wolfgang is a member of various reward programs.

Where Wolfgang is in the same city for another client during the same period, flight costs will be shared evenly between both clients.

All international flights are quoted from Frankfurt Germany/London England.

Car Hire
Where applicable, you are welcome to arrange your own Airport transfers or collect him yourself. However, Wolfgang is a President’s Club Card holder with Avis and his office can again arrange a good deal. As a norm, Wolfgang prefers a ‘C’ class vehicle with an aircon.

Hotel Accommodation
Clients to arrange this please. 4 Star and above, including meals and mineral water. Ideally in the same hotel/resort where the function is taking place, and if possible, a room close to the function venue.


Wolfgang does not use old outdated photos and constantly updates his publicity pics and bios. Thus please email our offices directly with your requirements and we will forward the latest marketing material. Click here.

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Wolfgang travels globally, wherever your event may be.

From a 1 hour presentation to whole day events, to hosting entire conferences!

Wolfgang travels world-wide to make your next event successful.

Should you have specific requirements or want to discuss your function in detail,
please phone or preferably, email all the details.

For bookings and/or a free no obligation complete promotional package please contact:


00 27 (0) 21 930 8266
00 27 (0) 82 357 4446

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