First produced and launched in 1989 in the UK, then re-filmed on the Sky Princess and re launched in 1990 world-wide. This Balloon video teaches you everything you ever need to know about balloon modelling and is perfect for any magician starting new in this field. In fact, after learning most of the items on this tape, you could make a good living just busking and selling balloon sculptures.

The content remains as fresh today as it was then. Apart from your basic figures you will learn how to make a clown, rabbit, monkey, sword, elephant, swan, and much more. 20 Various animals are fully explained in this comprehensive 75 minute teach-in. All created with one 260 balloon!

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This Teach-In video was shot on SVHS with one camera back in 1990 and has now been digitised and converted into MP4.
The quality is good, but it has been converted from VHS. So please don't expect fancy editing, titles and high tech video production.

HOWEVER, the content and practicality of the balloon animals remains timeless!


Widescreen MP4 Video to view online
A FULL, clear explanation on how to create various balloon animals
An EASY 4 out of 10
Great for children's parties!
The balloon bag idea!
How to tie a knot in the balloon!
Felt tip pens which ones to use
Extra Gags with the balloons

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"For a name and a face new to this country comes obvious experience, a young man who has worked all kinds of environments as a professional entertainer.This tape details more than twenty attractive balloon models, mostly using one balloon, a few with more than one. The basics of modelling are not actually taught although only a modicum knowledge is necessary to be able to construct many of the delightful figures and formations shown. These include standard and not so standard dogs, and elephant, clown, monkey, parrot, rabbit, horse, bee, etc. For a spectacular closer a basket of fruit containing apples, pears, cherries, oranges and more will pull the applause. The tape quality is good, Wolfgang Riebe's command of English excellent and his speed in introducing models quite rapid. There are not many balloon tapes available and from this one you should get plenty of ideas." Donald Bevan, Editor Abra Magazine, June 30, 1990

"The elephant is absolutely fabulous and worth the price of the tape. In fact, the bow & arrow is so simple, yet such a hit at all my shows that I am lost for words to describe this clever idea. The range of sculptures demonstrated is superb, and the extra little bits and pieces which Wolfgang so cleverly slips in every now and then are worth their weight in gold." Patrick Van Almelo, RSA



Wolfgang is a 'best-selling' and multi author. He began contributing original tricks back in the late 70's in the Magigram magzaine publish by Supreme in the UK. Over the years he has shared non-stop and today offers an array of magic books with practical, usable and commercially tried and tested routines and information.

For details on each book, teaser videos and E-Book downloads, or hard copy purchases please click on the image above or link below.

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