Master Non-Card Close-Up Magic with Wolfgang Riebe

By popular demand, Wolfgang Riebe returns with another close-up teach-in video, completely devoid of card tricks! Immerse yourself in a fresh array of close-up magic, brimming with innovative tricks and ideas from Wolfgang's creative mind.

Unlock captivating new routines: Ink: A paper-to-money transformation like never before! Sponge Ball Routine: A comprehensive routine with new ideas and twists. Bank Note Centre Tear: Master an impromptu centre tear with any banknote! Surprise Prediction: Comedy and astonishment rolled into one original close-up routine using borrowed items! Find The Coin Monte: Perfect your sleight of hand with this engaging routine!

Expand your close-up magic repertoire and captivate audiences with Wolfgang Riebe's expertise. Whether you're honing your skills or seeking fresh inspiration, this video promises to elevate your magic game.

Transform Your Close-Up Magic Today!

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This Teach-In video was shot on SVHS with one camera back in 1988 and has now been digitised and converted into MP4.
The quality is good, but it has been converted from VHS. So please don't expect fancy editing, titles and high tech video production.

HOWEVER, the content and practicality of the Close-Up effects and routines remain timeless!


5x7 MP4 Video to view online
No card tricks!
More commercial tricks & routines fully explained
A Difficult 7 out of 10
Great for close-up magicians!
Many new tricks and ideas!
Clearly demonstrated and explained
What was 'old' in the 80's is NEW now!

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“It has been a pleasure watching this man grow. From the first time I met him in Cape Town to watching him lecture at the Middelsbrough Circle of Magicians annual dinner. Watch out for his name, he will become one of the greats!” Harry Seed: Sunderland

“I just love the practicality of Wolfgang’s thinking. He has taken magic to a new level with his entertaining routines that really on cheeky principals.”
Jack Stephens: The Budget



Wolfgang is a 'best-selling' and multi author. He began contributing original tricks back in the late 70's in the Magigram magzaine publish by Supreme in the UK. Over the years he has shared non-stop and today offers an array of magic books with practical, usable and commercially tried and tested routines and information.

For details on each book, teaser videos and E-Book downloads, or hard copy purchases please click on the image above or link below.

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