Performing to patrons in a restaurant while they wait for their food is one of the most challenging, but at the same time fulfilling fields of magic. It’s not as easy as you think and has never been about taking a few close-up tricks and simply performing them in a restaurant environment. There are so many more factors to take into consideration. Hence this teach-in not only teaches you tricks, but guides you in the right direction to become a seasoned restaurant table-hopping magician.

Vanishing & Appearing Salt: Few routines are as powerful as this classic at the table! Knife Paddle & Salt Routine: Create an impromptu miracle with a table knife and some salt! Chicago Stunner: One of Frank Garcia’s most incredible card tricks ever. A sure winner at any close-up occasion.

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How to get Table Hopping gigs: How to market yourself. Bottle Top Matrix: A great impromptu trick for behind the bar, or at the table. Pill Trick: The most powerful and perplexing close-up trick ever! Last Two Cards Match: If you life predictions that include the spectators - this is it! Tips on Sponge Balls, especially when performing in restaurants.

This Teach-In video was shot on SVHS with one camera back in 1988 and has now been digitised and converted into MP4.
The quality is good, but it has been converted from VHS. So please don't expect fancy editing, titles and high tech video production.

HOWEVER, the tricks and tips in this Table-Hopping teach-in remain timeless!


5x7 MP4 Video to view online
Beyond only tricks! Tips too!
Commercial tricks & routines
A Medium 6 out of 10
Great for restaurant magicians!
Many new tricks and ideas!
Clearly demonstrated and explained
What was 'old' in the 80's is NEW now!

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”It’s always great to watch a teach-in video done by a working pro, and not a theorist with only ideas. You can see that Wolfgang has worked in tons of restaurants and shares practical ‘real-life’ tips that are essential for any magician wishing to perform in a restaurant environment.“ Colin McRory: Durban

“I have done magic behind the bar for many years. This is a video I should have seen when I started my career. Well done Wolfgang, for a young man you share great insight and knowledge.”
Joe Pillay: Silvertown



Wolfgang is a 'best-selling' and multi author. He began contributing original tricks back in the late 70's in the Magigram magzaine publish by Supreme in the UK. Over the years he has shared non-stop and today offers an array of magic books with practical, usable and commercially tried and tested routines and information.

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