Packet Card Tricks have there place in any close-up act. Here's a variety of classic, original tricks & routines that promise to keep your audience gasping!

How to split cards and make your own packet tricks: Detailed instructions on splitting cards and creating your own trick cards. Marked: Wolfgang’s variation of the ‘Green Carpet’ routine. One of the most visual routines on the tape. Wild Cards: Wolfgang version of this classic routine. Jumbo Sucker Prediction: An extremely funny and surprising prediction using one jumbo card and a regular deck. Key Card 1 & 2: Playing with the concept that magicians use ‘key cards’ and mirrors, here are great tips and ideas. 3,4,5 of Spades: An incredibly visual, original and surprising prediction. Not the 7 of Diamonds: A funny routine with a kicker finish!

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This Teach-In video was shot on SVHS with one camera back in 1988 and has now been digitised and converted into MP4.
The quality is good, but it has been converted from VHS. So please don't expect fancy editing, titles and high tech video production.

HOWEVER, the content and practicality of these Packet Card effects and routines remain timeless!


5x7 MP4 Video to view online
Visual unique card tricks!
More commercial tricks & routines fully explained
A Reasonable 6 out of 10
Great for close-up magicians!
Many new tricks and ideas!
Clearly demonstrated and explained
What was 'old' in the 80's is NEW now!

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“Wolfgang’s Green Carpet variation is one of the most visual and surprising packet card trick I have ever seen.” Robin Boltman

“I literally incorporated 5 of the tricks immediately into my close-up show. It’s refreshing to find a magician that doesn’t think like a magician, but rather focuses on what the layman needs.”
Jack Stephens



Wolfgang is a 'best-selling' and multi author. He began contributing original tricks back in the late 70's in the Magigram magzaine publish by Supreme in the UK. Over the years he has shared non-stop and today offers an array of magic books with practical, usable and commercially tried and tested routines and information.

For details on each book, teaser videos and E-Book downloads, or hard copy purchases please click on the image above or link below.

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